Wooden floor and Doors Polishing

  • Wipe away water spills immediately.
  • Remove footwear before walking on your floor.
  • Clean your floor using a microfibre mop and wooden floor cleaning spray.
  • Never use a steam mop, wet mop, furniture polish or abrasive products.

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How to clean my wood floor
Cleaning your wood floor is straight face. All you need to do is clean the floor surface with a floor brush. We recommend that you do this every day to remove any small debris or dust from the surface. You can also use a vacuum cleaner but you will need to make sure you have the right attachments for the wood floor.


Once your floor is dry, you can then clean it to remove surface stains or marks. This only needs to be done once a week, or when you see any spots on the surface. To clean your floor, we would recommend using a microfiber mop and pH neutral cleaning spray. It will be soft but effective on your wood floor. Try clearing towards the grains. You should never use furniture polish as it will leave a scratch. Also, never use a steam gauge. Steam will enter the wood floor and cause damage over time.


Can I sand and finish my wooden floor?

Yes, you can make your wooden floor. It can help revitalize and refresh your floor and can remove unnecessary marks and stains. There are a few options available, but they depend on the type of flooring you have and why you want to fill your floor.


If your wood floor is oiled, and you want to reduce the appearance of small floors, you can add more oil to the floor. First, you need to thoroughly clean your floor. Then apply another oil. This needs to be allowed to dry at the appropriate time before replacing the furniture and walking on it. It will brighten and refresh your wood floor.


If your wood floor is already lacquered, and you want to reduce the appearance of small floors, you can lightly sand the surface and then apply more lacquer. The finished design is a new and revitalized wooden floor.


If you have a large plaster or floor, you may then need to sand it deep and apply oil or lacquer. For any type of refinishing, we recommend using a floor specialist.


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