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     Remove urine odor from mattress

One of the most ordinary mattress problems is urine odor. This will surely irritate you for some time if you have kids, babies, and pets at home. You should know urine contains a lot of bacteria and produces a bad smell. It must be taken care of straight away before bacteria spread and cause health damage. We have a few ideas on how to remove urine odor from mattress to stop any kind of diseases or infections happens.

Here are some simple methods you can try to remove urine odor from mattress:

  • Rubbing alcohol 

           If there is too much moisture in your mattress, dry out with a paper towel. Rub alcohol on the area frequently and wait for it to dry up. It dries up pretty fast, as alcohol is inclined to evaporate easily. This also helps if you want to remove the bacteria. use reliable rubbing alcohol with antiseptic and disinfecting properties.

  • Vinegar 

                    If you need quick cleaning action, put white vinegar on the area affected. Let it soak up for a few minutes and then vacuum it by using your carpet vacuum cleaner. If you have a moveable vacuum cleaner ready, use that. Some people did not like the idea of using vinegar to remove urine odor from mattress because of the bad smell but it fades away as it dries up.

  • Baking soda

           Baking soda is great moisture to remove any kind of stain. If you want something to remove the moisture.  Use baking soda and sprinkle a substantial amount on the area which has a stain. It should soak up the moisture. When it gets dry, vacuum it.

  • borax

     First, wet a clean cloth with warm water and spot this on the area affected. Once too much urine is gone sprinkle borax in the area which has stains. Let it dry and then vacuum it once has dry off. It will also help if your air and sun dry it. The heat from the sun can also help to remove the bacteria that is left.

You can remove urine odor from mattress by these methods and keep your mattress odor free.

Mattress cleaning cost

                Clean urine from foam mattress

      Firstly evaluate the situation. Are you dealing with fresh urine, or does it look like the previous stain and has been there a while? Is there a lot of urine or just a little? Is there a mild smell, or so much smell which is unbearable? Understanding what you are working with will help you proceed toward your cleanup method.

   Remove your bed sheet immediately and put it in the washing machine.

 softly press the paper towel on top of the area to blot out overflow moisture. Be careful and do not rub it, as this can set the urine deeper into the mattress. At this point, you need to open any windows in the room and turn on a fan to help increase airflow throughout your room.

    Vinegar is a powerful natural cleaner that helps to break down the uric acid found in urine. and make it easier to remove. This method is the best and most effective to clean urine from foam mattress. For creating this solution all you need to fill a spray bottle with vinegar and half water. Drench the area with the solution and cover the stain completely with baking soda. Let it be there for some hours or a full day if you can wait. At last vacuum the baking soda.

Mattress stain removal service

Humans spend almost a third of their lives asleep, and in all households washing bed sheets and pillowcases is a regular part of a cleaning routine. These areas collect dust, bacteria, mites even mildew and molds. Mattress stain removal service removes all the soil and increases it through various methods.

Clean sleep transforms the process with its moveable tools and eco-friendly chemical-free cleaning materials. The cleaning process almost takes 15 minutes which mattress stain removal service removes bacteria, dust mites, odors, and even bed bugs from the mattress using a lot of different solutions. UCV light blocks germs and a powerful vacuum removes debris. Clean sleep also put in a low moisture cleaning solution by using dry steam to deep clean the dirty mattress. Also, we take out moisture and sanitize it with heat before off-set any odors that remain.

How to remove stains

If you love your restful bed, you will need to know how to clean a mattress and remove stains from it. Bearing in mind how many hours we spend on a mattress you will need to keep it fresh, and clean daily, and help it last fresh for as long as possible. As a mattress is an investment.  Mattress stain removal service recommends cleaning your mattress twice a year to control the build-up of dirt, dust, dead skin, and more.  This is even more crucial for people who suffer from allergies and who know how to clean a mattress.

Mattress stain removal service provides a lot of services for a mattress like:

  • How to deep clean a mattress
  • How to clean spills from mattress
  • How to clean stubborn stains
  • How to remove urine stains
  • How to remove blood stains
  • How to remove sweat stain
  • How to remove coffee, tea, and wine from a mattress
  • How to clean bed bugs, dust mites
  • How to remove odors from mattress 
  • How to clean a mattress without a vacuum
  • How to clean mattress professionally
Final words

you should clean your mattress twice every year. Dirt, dust mites, and molds build up and should be controlled immediately. If you clean your mattress every 6 months it can also help to get rid of sweat stains from the mattress.

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