Mattress cleaning cost

  Mattress cleaning cost

A clean mattress is important in spending a night’s comfortable and restful sleep. While you can clean mattresses by yourself. most carpet cleaning and upholstery businesses also provide mattress cleaning. Mattress cleaning cost is almost the same as other upholstery.

A mattress is the most useful home furnishing that is used for more than 8 hours each day. It is treated to oil and sweat from our bodies as well as other body fluids. If you have pets, they may leave their grime and dirt. and when you eat at midnight there are often food spills down and the stain remains.

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How mattress cleaning works

A good mattress cleaning service first checks over the mattress. then uses some chemical solutions to remove stains. Also, water at a high temperature is inserted and then suctioned away, or the steam is used to kill dust bacteria. Most services also provide a sanitizing step to neutralize smells that are in the mattress filling.

Mattress cleaning cost between 199 AED to 260 AED but that is not a fixed price because it is based on the size of the mattress.

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Preparing Professional mattress cleaning

  • The mattress will not be wet when the cleaning is complete, but it will be steamy. Try to plan cleaning on a breezy, dry day. so that with the windows open the mattress will dry quickly (usually takes 5 to 8 hours). Also, plan the cleaning early in the day or when the mattress will not be needed.
  • If the room is very small and obtains to all sides of the mattress is limited. Think about moving the mattress to a larger area so that the cleaning. the handyman will have a better option to move around with their equipment.

Remove all bed sheets and any mattress toppers from the mattress before the technicians arrive. Technicians will also tell you the mattress cleaning cost.

Mattress cleaning cost

Wet cleaning method.

The wet carpet cleaning method is most commonly used by professional Mattress cleaning companies. In this method, we used hot water with high pressure that can remove dust and bacteria from the carpet. Then with the help of a vacuum cleaner, we extract the water from the Mattress.


Mattress cleaning cost

Dry Mattress cleaning(Elite dry Mattress cleaning)

Elite Mattress cleaning is a unique way of dry-cleaning Mattresses. As the name shows dry-cleaning, we use less or no moisture. The elite dry cleaning method is special. Because your Mattress is left clean and dry and ready to laid on it in just an hour.

Mattress cleaning cost

Mattress deep cleaning services near me

Special treatment of mattress cleaning equipment is used to clean the mattress.

A powerful vacuum cleaner is then used to cut off 99 percent of dust and also kill the mites, bacteria, and other viruses in the mattress.

In case the mattress has many stains or spots. A spot is sprayed onto the mattress to push the stain and clean it. The warm water pulled-out process is then done to remove the stains.

A disinfectant is sprayed on the mattress to kill the germs and disinfect the mattress. This is non-scented bacteria and can wipe out smells on the mattress.

How often mattress should be clean

We spend about all day of our lives in bed.  A mattress takes an outright beating. Most mattresses produce recommend a thorough cleaning of the mattress at least each year. This should be done by excluding vacuuming the mattress to at least reduce allergens and germs every month. Daily cleaning helps the mattress last so longer by detaching germs and bacteria that can weak fibers and help to stop irritant infections. Mattresses in guest rooms that are used less provide can get by every year by cleaning except if there is an accident that needs deeper cleaning.

Tips to help mattress last longer

Mattress deep cleaning services near me help your mattress last longer.

  • Follow the production recommendations on the frequency of flipping the mattress. Some mattresses with pillow tops, should not be flipped. 
  • Make sure the mattress is properly supported with the basis. Foam mattresses usually need solid support while traditional mattresses do.
  • Be sure that the bedframe of bed is solid and strong enough to hold the mattress properly. 
  • Wash bedsheets weekly
  • Keep your pets away from the bed.

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