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Curtains and blinds should be an accessory in every home. It not only adds to the beauty of the room but also acts as an air filter that hides dust, mites, odors and fumes. Similarly, curtains can be home to the power of dust and debris and can cause asthma and other respiratory problems if not maintained properly. Thus, there is a need to start cleaning the curtain periodically to prolong its life as well as improve indoor air quality.

Bestdeepclean is a professional curtain cleaning company that offers both residential and commercial cleaning at affordable rates. We provide both dry and wet curtain cleaning service according to customer requirements.


Dry curtain cleaning

Initially the curtains are completely revised for stains and blemishes. Once done, the curtains are completely emptied to remove soft dirt and dust. The spotting solution is then applied to remove the stains. The curtains are then dried using a high quality solution imported from the UK. This not only removes the veil but also removes any unpleasant odors. This type of cleaning is recommended in homes where proper ventilation can be provided to eliminate the odor of the cleaning solution.


Cleaning wet curtains

Here the color test will be done initially to make sure the screen does not bleed. The screen is then completely emptied to remove all dust and dirt. Cleaning the space, if necessary, is done at this stage. Once done, the cleaning agent is applied before cleaning and the piece is thoroughly washed. After a while the piece is washed again and dried.

As a professional curtain cleaning company, we suggest that customers inform us in advance the type of cleaning that is required. Dry curtain cleaning is not recommended in the homes of pregnant women, children and adults as the dry cleaning process can cause respiratory illness.B

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