Mattress cleaning cost

  Can you deep clean a mattress

You might already keep your mattress in the best condition. but it’s helpful to give your mattress a deep clean. We spend almost all of our lives sleeping and giving your mattress a thorough clean will help to keep your sleeping environment hygienic and fresh. 

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Step to deep clean a mattress

Here are some steps of how can you deep clean a mattress:

  1. Check the guide
  2. Put together your cleaning supplies
  3. Wash your bed sheets and pillows
  4. Let your mattress dry
  5. Vacuum your mattress
  6. Deodorise with baking soda
  7. Turn over the mattress and repeat the same steps
  8. Clean the bed frame
  9. Put the clean bedding and sheets on.
elite carpet cleaning

Types of professional mattress cleaning we provide.

We can deal with both the wet cleaning method and the dry cleaning method(elite carpet cleaning). Now it’s up to you which method you choose to clean your carpet.


Mattress cleaning cost

Wet cleaning method.

The wet carpet cleaning method is most commonly used by professional mattress cleaning companies. In this method, we used hot water with high pressure that can remove dust and bacteria from the carpet. Then with the help of a vacuum cleaner, we extract the water from the mattress.


Mattress cleaning cost

Dry mattress cleaning(Elite dry mattress cleaning)

Elite mattress cleaning is a unique way of dry-cleaning mattresses. As the name shows dry-cleaning, we use less or no moisture. So this method is more effective in offices. The elite dry cleaning method is special. Because your carpet is left clean and dry and ready to lay on it in just an hour.

Mattress cleaning cost

                Clean urine from foam mattress

      Firstly evaluate the situation. Are you dealing with fresh urine, or does it look like the previous stain and has been there a while? Is there a lot of urine or just a little? Is there a mild smell, or so much smell which is unbearable? Understanding what you are working with will help you proceed toward your cleanup method.

   Remove your bed sheet immediately and put it in the washing machine.

 softly press the paper towel on top of the area to blot out overflow moisture. Be careful and do not rub it, as this can set the urine deeper into the mattress. At this point, you need to open any windows in the room and turn on a fan to help increase airflow throughout your room.

    Vinegar is a powerful natural cleaner that helps to break down the uric acid found in urine. and make it easier to remove. This method is the best and most effective to clean urine from foam mattress. For creating this solution all you need to fill a spray bottle with vinegar and half water. Drench the area with the solution and cover the stain completely with baking soda. Let it be there for some hours or a full day if you can wait. At last vacuum the baking soda.

How often do you need a deep cleaning?

We spend about all day of our lives in bed.  A mattress takes an outright beating. Most mattresses produce recommend a thorough cleaning of the mattress at least each year. This should be done by excluding vacuuming the mattress to at least reduce allergens and germs every month. Daily cleaning helps the mattress last so longer by detaching germs and bacteria that can weak fibers and help to stop irritant infections. Mattresses in guest rooms that are used less provide can get by every year by cleaning except if there is an accident that needs deeper cleaning.

Final Words

Deep cleaning of your mattress is important for your life and health and to maintain good hygiene. Every night you lose hair, dead skin, and around fluid while you sleep. deep cleaning your mattress helps to keep your sleeping environment healthy and comfortable. Lightly cleaning your mattress so often is a good habit to remove the dirt and hair. Can you deep clean a mattress every 6 months? Yes, everyone should deep clean the mattress every 6 months.  This will make sure that you are killing all the bacteria and germs that naturally get into every mattress over time.

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